The old convent - Arezzo The old convent - Arezzo The old convent - Arezzo The old convent - Arezzo
The old convent Price: 1.500.000 €


Il Vecchio Convento is a prestigious residence-castle located in a hilly and quiet area close to the city center of Arezzo. Dating back to 1600, the Old Convent is spread over a surface of about 1000 square meters, structurally perfect, does not require restructuring, but only some internal adjustment. Il Vecchio Convento is surrounded by 5 hectares of land, has inside two pools and a courtyard equipped with whirlpool. It is accessed through a convenient road that becomes private in the last 500 meters.



Begin your new life to this magical castle that awaits you at the top of this historic hill. Picture yourself stepping foot onto a cobblestone Roman road that carbon dates back to 600 B.C. Bask in luxury amidst the courageous stone walls of this 1,000 year old castle; it’s as if the walls themselves whisper to you their ancient tales of days gone by.


Wander the magnificent gardens of Val di Colle and take in the glory and splendor of their handcrafted and duly maintained original design, created by world-renowned landscape architect Pietro Porcinai. Original sculptures, handcrafted by Piero Sbarluzzi, the world famous Vatican commissioned sculpture from Pienza, Italia, adorn the gardens and the interior. You will feel as though you have stepped back in time, into the pages of history, to a place of wonder and amazement.


Immerse your soul in the love and fairytales of Arezzo’s hills rich history and notoriety for it’s enchanting ability to restore belief in true love. Many souls have come to find their heart’s true love at the top of this magical hill. Il Vecchio Convento beguiling legend has carried on for over 1,000 years, and it said amongst the locals: “Cosi grande e’ la magia tra queste mura, che anche il sole si china a posare il suo bacio su di essa.” Translated this means: “The magic of love is so strong within the walls of this grand castle that even the sun itself stoops to bestowe its kiss upon it.”


The castle was built over 1,000 years ago by hand, by local artisans and artists of the trades. All of the floors are adorned in original woods and terra cotta, indigenous to the Tuscan region. The castle is furnished in genuine, traditional, antique Tuscan faire and each piece has been hand selected over the years to compliment its captivating surroundings. The hauntingly beautiful walls of each room are decorated with hand selected original art works from artists that span the globe and the realm of time. No two rooms are quite alike.


Walk through the whispering vines of the vineyard or the mystical grove of olive trees and bask in the sights, sounds and smells of Toscana.


If you choose to explore surrounding Tuscany during your days, the high speed trains are available just 5 minutes drive from Castello Val di Colle. Cities such as Florence, Cortona (20 minutes), Siena, Montelpuciano, Val di Chiana and Pienza, are not only reachable by train, but are all within a short drive from the castle.

Cl. Energy:

10763,9 sq ft
12,3553 acres

Licenza FIAIP,
Federazione Italiana
agenti immobiliari