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Villa of Olives Trees

Villa degli Ulivi is a splendid newly built farmhouse located in one of the most beautiful and panoramic areas of the municipality of Cortona, about 6 km from the center of the Etruscan city.
It is composed as follows:- Building for villa use on two floors above ground as well as an underground portion and its attic, all consisting of:- Load-bearing structure: Facing stone masonry.- Partitions and plasters: Partitions with perforations with civil plaster and water-based paint.- Solai: In brick and cement.- Covering mantle: inclined pitches with a mantle in tiles and terracotta tiles.The building is composed as follows:GROUND FLOOR: N. 2 rooms used as a tavern with a gross surface area of ​​approx. 70 approximately completely paved and with plastered and painted walls-GROUND FLOOR: consisting of a porch on two sides of the building, study, kitchen, living room, hall, bathroom, laundry room, entrance, boiler room as well as the staircase and lift to the first floor with a useful height of ml. 2.80 having a gross area of ​​approximately 230.00 square meters of which 73.00 square meters per portico.FIRST FLOOR: consisting of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, hallway, loggia, stairwell and elevator shaft with a useful height of ml. 2.70 having a gross area of ​​approximately Sqm. 125.00.Attic floor: consisting of 4 rooms in the raw state used as an attic with a gross area of ​​approximately 80 square meters with access from a retractable staircase and having an average height of approximately ml. 1.40.Wooden outbuilding near the swimming pool and swimming pool:This is an annex with a wooden structure serving the swimming pool on a single level used as a warehouse with a useful height of ml. 2.20 on average and a gross area of ​​approximately Sqm. 4. Completely inground swimming pool with dimensions of approximately 10 x 5.0. Farm buildings and agricultural structures:- Load-bearing masonry building on an above ground level, all consisting of:- Load-bearing structure: In stone masonry facing the entire perimeter of the building.- Covering: inclined pitches with a tile covering and terracotta tiles.The building is composed as follows: a single room used as an agricultural shed on the ground floor with an average useful height of ml. 3.20 and a gross area of ​​approximately 74 square meters. The entrance is motorized with opening via remote control.No. 2 sheet metal buildings simply resting on the ground, of a precarious nature, with an average height of ml. 2.25 and a gross area of ​​approximately 27.00 square meters and approximately 13.00 square meters.N. 2 wells with depth of about ml. 110 each plus a cistern with a storage capacity of approximately Mc. 150.00.Agricultural land and external accommodation:The land of about Ha. 12.50, of which about Ha. 3.00 to olive grove and the remaining surface in pasture and forest, it turns out to be all merged and completely fenced with iron stakes and ml high net. 1.80.The length of the aforementioned fence is about ml. 2,000.In the vicinity of the building, the courtyard is completely paved in porphyry for an area of ​​approximately 400 square meters and there are approximately approximately 1,000 meters. 300 of stone walls to seal the terraces as well as a further road for a secondary exit.The area where the properties are located is of great prestige nestled halfway up the Cortonese hill with a view of Lake Trasimeno
GENERAL FEATURESResidential building with relative swimming pool:Single-fired and ceramic floors. Internal doors in solid wood. External frames in solid wood and doors always in solid wood to protect.Electrical system: undercurrent to standards.Heating system: with radiant bodies on the wall in each compartment and diesel fuel supply.Water system: functioning with supply secured by own well.It should be noted that the building is of excellent finishes and in an excellent state of maintenance and conservation.Swimming pool with skimmer and large solarium area with local stone slabs.
Agricultural building for use as tool shed:Clinker tile floors. External iron frames.Motorized iron gate door with remote controlled opening.Electrical system: off track to standards.Heating system: not present.Water system: functioning with supply secured by own well.
Agricultural structures:N. 2 prefabricated iron structures simply resting on the ground for housing materials and structures for agricultural use.Non-existent flooring. External iron frames.Electrical system: off track according to standards.Heating system: not present.

Price: 900000€

Place: Cortona
Type: abitabile
Energetic class: G
Surface: 574
Land: 12500
Swimming pool: Si
Beds: 4
Bathrooms: 3


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